Monday, October 19, 2009

Americans and skanky mannequins

What is america? what are "our" values? are we united or merely a mesh of various beliefs forced to co-exist and feign respect for eachother? Paris Hilton versus Miley Cyrus. McDonalds for president. do clothing stores actually depend on skanky mannequins to sell their fashions? are these really the foreign views of our country, and why? this nation was founded on communal strength, the common man for the common good. our forefathers bonded together 13 seperate colonies in a fight for liberty, a fight that would permanently unite this nation in the name of the underdog and using with the strength of family, friendships, and respect.

so, what happened? why are the american people lonlier than ever before? we have created a plethera of new means of communication, of unity. could technology really be driving us apart?

i don't think so. i believe that it is the american people's misuse of a technology that arose in a time of edging mistrust and chaos that propelled our country into a state of isolation. if americans were not naturally inclined to seperate from others, we could have utilized all this budding technology to truly connect our nation instead of dividing it.

below this post is a series of labs that i feel, test not the strength of technology, but the strength of the people using it.

note: the wonderful man i interviewed was an argentenian, and was the most kind and socially willing person i met while performing these labs.


  1. I like your point here. Modern technology isn't the problem; it's how we use it.

  2. You are a wonder. What a great bunch of labs. And you actually built social capital as you worked alone. HOLLAH! You've been very creative and analytical in your approach to the labs and I'm really proud of the work you've done. BRAVO!


    You go girl!