Sunday, October 18, 2009


For this lab, i am attempting to reconnect our nation one letter at a time. its my way of foregoing the lathargic and overused method of technological connections. i have always wanted a penpal but i had no excuse because i could always stay in touch with people using impersonal internet sites such as facebook or email. so, i picked a random name in the phonebook (so there would be no previous technological association), and wrote a letter to this person explaining our cause and inviting him to be my first penpal. i will try to update this post if i get a response...and maybe even a friend.

Dear Cornelius,
Hey! to introduce myself, my name is Jackie and i am attending an arts school in North Carolina for classical guitar. one of my acedemic classes here is AP government and politics, and we are currently studying the topic of socio capitalism. we have noticed that most americans have become disconnected with others because of recent technologies such as the internet and cellphones (texting).
so, as part of a social project, I have decided to attempt an "old fashioned" penpal friendship with someone else in this country. i chose your name randomly from the white pages to attempt this connection. so, i am inviting you, Cornelius to begin a long distance friendship, associated by means of letters and snail mail, and to even spread the word about reconnecting with your neighbors and rebuild the social foundation of this nation!
i hope to hear back from you,

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