Monday, October 19, 2009


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as soon as i swore off cellphone use for a day (31 hours) i forced myself to sleep so as not to be tempted, because we all know that the first few hours are the hardest. however, when i woke up and found that i wasn't as inclined to reach for my phone as i thought the night before, i was not that surprised. i had spent 17 years of my life "cellphone free" and the only reason i have one now is becasue i am 700 miles away from my family (or, as i like to think of it, i need to stay in contact with my parents so i can get money). so, i have gotten pretty used to needing to have actual conversations with people rather than just texting 3 word blips, and even searching for clocks when i need the time.
however, i did choose a saturday to do this lab, which definitely made it easier on me. i have found that my number one use for texting is to keep myself distracted from my classes (MATH, which actually explains some of my grades). i don't really know what i would have done if i was forced to pay attention again (or fiddle with various objects on my desk, like i used to do). maybe if i got rid of the phone for a term some of my (math) grades would improve. hmm...
no, the main problem i encountered without a phone was trying to find my friends scattered throughout campus, and once i found them i immediately set up a schedule to when we would meet again (ie: we will meet at the pickle at 6 for dinner). also, when i found said people, i had a lot more to talk about, because i hadn't called about any exciting affairs that had happened that day.
it was interesting not having a phone on a campus full of people, as opposed to when i would either make plans to see people or go home and enjoy the silence. i couldn't help but notice all the extra stimulus occuring around me that i would normally shut out with a cellphone. i feel like i actually experienced more of the ambiance of the campus that day rather than any radical social behavior changes. it was nice though, to be free again from constant texts and without a method of distracting myself from reality. yes, i rather enjoyed fully settling into the actual atmosphere of my life that day, and may even let my phone chill out in my room every once in a while.

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