Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lab #10 VOTE

Not surprisingly, most students would easily give away their right to vote. It seems as if it’s becoming a trend again to be anti-democratic, to “fuck the system”. students, especially at an arts school, tend to enjoy the occasional rebellion, but i believe that in recent years this apathetic approach towards the democratic system has increased because of the misuse of the internet. it appears as if one anarchical student will instantly “educate” their friends about his beliefs by spreading a mass fbook update stating something along the lines of freeing oneself from the confines of conformity. the majority of friends dig the rebellious overtones, and so they join him without actually understanding what they are giving up. not only do students abuse the internet with the ability to have mindless control over others, but they are also so caught up in the virtual realm that they don’t stop to see what is occurring, politically, around them. they have no idea what they would be voting for and, therefore, have no purpose to want to vote. and so, it is easy for a student to chuck away their right to vote.the more interesting part is what they would give it up for. i got a wide range of responses from “anther vote” to “dark chocolate” to “Jesus?”
As for me, i must say that i would totally ditch my vote for anarchy.

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